"There is so much more to a hotel
than just a room for the night."

We take time to understand your needs and desires...


"It takes more to satisfy a soul than sleep
-the way to my heart is food!"

We embrace the subtleties of taste...


"Come and experience the magic of Hotel Winstar for yourself."
More than you expected...


"There is so much more to a hotel
than just a room for the night."

We take time to understand your needs and desires...




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A superb place that let’s you enjoy life and allows you to relax, unwind and recuperate.

All guest accommodation feature thoughtful amenities to ensure exceptional comfort.  The set up is tranquil and lovely.  Bearing your comfort in mind.

Our lovely 85 rooms have standard, deluxe and twin rooms, which are spacious and comfortable.


For lovers of indoor experience, the superb decor in our indoor restaurant is the place for you. The restaurant carters for breakfast, lunch & dinner and has a cool atmosphere where you will be able to relax.

A highly rated quality restaurant that has delicious sumptuous local and international meals cooked by our master chefs with over 30 years experience with unmatched competition in the region.


We have three state of the art conference rooms that are spacious and fully aerated.The conference rooms are well lit with both natural light and electricity which are ideally suited for meetings, seminars and training courses for upto 400 persons.

Our conference package includes; meals, mineral water, writing pads, pens, flip charts & LCD projectors. We are ready to discuss and facilitate your specific conference needs.



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