"There is so much more to a hotel
than just a room for the night."

We take time to understand your needs and desires...


"It takes more to satisfy a soul than sleep
-the way to my heart is food!"

We embrace the subtleties of taste...


"Come and experience the magic of Hotel Winstar for yourself."
More than you expected...


"There is so much more to a hotel
than just a room for the night."

We take time to understand your needs and desires...




Hotel Winstar was established in August 2012 and is designed for both business and leisure travel. It is the ideal place for you and your friends or family to spend some quality time together.   We offer many facilities to enrich your stay and have high quality rooms.

Hotel Winster speaks excellence in high clear tones and is affordable and a quality driven solution to accommodation, dining and recreation needs.  The decor is impressive and invites you to stay and linger as long as you can.  A superb place that let’s you enjoy life and allows you to relax, unwind and recuperate.

All guest accommodation features thoughtful amenities to ensure exceptional comfort.  The set up is tranquil and lovely.  Bearing your well-being in mind we have generous sized rooms, spacious with comfortable beds.

Vision Statement
Excellence you can measure

Mission Statement
To be the brand of choice, clean and efficient providers of accommodation, conferences, meals, drinks and outside catering services that exceeds customers` expectations.

Core Values

  • Customer focus
  • Continuos improvement
  • Quality innovaton
  • Integrity
  • Resprct for the individual
  • Team work


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